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Introduction The bottle unscrambler series special supporting equipments for packaging line that used in medicine, foodstuff, health-care products. It is with unique structure that can rotary bottles and shift over bottles, which improve t
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Features  1. It is simple and easy for operating.  2. Adopts stepless speed regulation, which ensures speed synchronization of whole line.  3. Unique shift over bottles structure, with high speed and low noise.  4. Material contacted parts adopt non-toxic nylon.  5. Adopt photoelectric control the start and stop of bottle sending out, which can avoid bottle deformation for accumulation.  6. Automatic unscramble bottles, reduce labor force.  7. The machine is made of SS304, meet GMP requirements.  8. Plexiglass shield is optional, ensure the safe operation.  9. Upgrade feeder is optional, reducing bottle feeding times by operator.        Working Principle  Put bottles into the unscrambler silos, bottles will fall into the gap through rotating the unscrambler disk, through turning structure, upward the bottles and send bottles to filling line.        
Technical Parameters  Model  RQ-LP-800  
Diameter of disk                  800mm  
Production Capacity(bottles/min)  30-80  
Diameter of bottles              Φ25-Φ100 mm  
Height of bottles                40-240 mm  
Air Compressor                   0.4-0.6 Mpa  
Air Consumption (Clean gas source)  120 L/min  
Total Power                      0.6kw  
Power Supply                     AC220V 1P 50/60HZ  
Outline Dim.(L×W×H)mm          980×1250×1200